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Synthetic Hemp Rope - 32mm

Price: From £5.30 incl. VAT

Synthetic Hemp Rope, which looks and feels very similar to traditional hemp rope and often referred to as "Hempex" or "Hardy Hemp". It is easy to grip and is soft on the hands. Synthetic Hemp Rope has excellent breaking loads, good resistance to abrasion and will not rot. Low stretch and easy to splice. Ideal for garden projects, decking, rope handrails, garden swings etc. Also used on board traditional sailing vessels.

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Synthetic Hemp Rope, often referred to as Hempex Rope or Hardy Hemp is a traditional looking rope with an appearance and texture very similar to natural hemp rope or flax hemp rope. It's natural colour and feel make it an ideal rope to use outdoors particularly suited to garden decking projects and rope fences etc. As a rope Synthetic Hemp is considered to be a low stretch rope which will not shrink, swell or rot when exposed to water, it also has very good breaking strengths which are maintained even when the rope is wet.

Synthetic Hemp rope is widely used on board traditional sailing vessels and has also been used in many period TV and film productions purely because of its versatile nature - it really is difficult to tell that this rope is man made. If buying Synthetic Hemp rope for your decking project then you may like to consider our range of rope end fittings (in our Pulleys, Shackles and Fittings department) which look stunning when attached to the rope. Please feel free to call us if you would like any advice when selecting your rope or fittings.


Break Loads
6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm 20mm 24mm 28mm 32mm 36mm  
375Kg 650Kg 970Kg 1450Kg 1875Kg 2350Kg 2940Kg 3685Kg 5200Kg 7000Kg 8950Kg 11200Kg  


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by Mark Bacon

Date Added: Tuesday 25 July, 2017
I have used this rope on a decking project. I have installed the rope between 100mm x 100mm posts. U.... Read More

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